Think Spring, and vote for your favorite fragrance! February 12 2017, 1 Comment

Which soap fragrance would you like to see in March?
Grass Stain (The crisp, sweet and green smell of . . . . fresh cut grass!)
Pikake Flowers (The traditional blossoms used for making Leis in Hawaii, this scent evokes that sweet welcome as you step off the plane and begin a relaxing, fun-filled vacation)
Grapefruit Lily (Light, romantic and airy, this scent heavier on the Lily than the citrus).
Amazon Lily & Rain (A light scent that smells just like line dried linen . . . pleasantly comforting with notes of fresh cut grass and pine enveloped by sweet florals)
Yuzu (Based on the Japanese fruit of the same name, this is a fresh and sparkling citrus scent)
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